San Chung

San Chung is a
Senior Product Designer @ Discord

Recent work:

  • Tag team with the Discord Accessibility and Design Systems to update all in-app colors in compliance with WCAG AA (with some acknowledgement from A11y Up).
  • Helped make a case for Accessibility to be its own setting section.
  • Assisted in applying colors to the Discord app with accessibility as the forefront for the 2021 rebrand.
  • Collaborated with Daniel Destefanis to create Server Templates so that Discord users can create their servers with a little more confidence & share server setups with each other.
  • Updated the Discord Roles feature so that new and existing people could better understand its use case.
    • Worked with the Growth team to create the View as Role feature, so that existing users with more complex community-moderating rulesets could preview a server as a person with a specific role.
  • My first project at Discord: to create the first couple iterations of Server Boosting [1] [2]. With art and branding by the genius Binh Hoang.

Formerly @

Group Nine Media, Discovery Communications, & Monotype.