Creating a Product Glossary for New or Transitioning Designers


Recently, I've started working on a project to better equip new designers and active professionals transitioning to, or working with, the product and tech industry. That resulted in working with Sang Lee to create an ever evolving, flexible, accessible online glossary of terms related to product, design, user experience, business, and engineering. My role is product & visual designer, while Sang is the product designer & developer.


Product Designer, Visual Designer


WIP, Side Project




  • Transitioning into a completely new and ever-evolving field is overwhelming for new designers
  • New designers frequently encounter unknown topics and terms in real-world settings
  • It's difficult for traditional designers to quickly ramp up and acclimate into the digital product realm
  • Product-adjescent professionals (e.g. marketing teams, editors) do not communicate well when working with product teams
  • A dedicated product does not exist for an up-to-date product & design industry reference


  • Help users feel more comfortable getting involved with product & design teams
  • Users should be able to come to this page and feel like they learned something useful
  • The database is frequently updated to keep relevancy
  • Active professionals have the option to contribute to the community via the Primer
  • Promote existing resources (e.g. Women Who Design, Latinxs Who Design)
  • Due to the simplistic nature of the website, it should be able to pass AA accessibility standards as listed by WCAG 2.0

The Product Primer

Some fun type and color explorations. We gravitated to Zilla Slab and InterUI.
Starting out with some quick wireframes to dump some organization into the project.
Here are two visual styles. The first one fails the AA contrast test, so I had to move away from it even though I personally liked the tinge of color in the background.

Stay tuned for more updates! We will most likely announce the launch of the Product Primer on Twitter. Follow me @sanyeechung & Sang Lee @mangosango.