Local Farms with Yelp



Design a version of Yelp that includes an eCommerce product, such as buying groceries from small markets and local farms.

Web Design, Concept, Product Design, Branding



There were a couple things I had to do during the inception of this concept. First, I updated some of the UI elements to for clarity. For example, for new users, they would want to create an account with Yelp. The current Yelp page features a "Sign Up" and "Log In" buttons, stacked. However, I believe they could sacrifice some space in the header and have them side-by-side. The language for "Sign Up" is changed to "Create Account" for ultimate clarity.

Second, the "Groceries" category was added into the current lineup for the header. In addition, the extra space (from moving the "Log In" button) allowed better separation of Categories and other Misc nav items.

 This is the current Yelp UI as of March 2017.

This is the current Yelp UI as of March 2017.


The mock layout itself is very much similar to the current Yelp site; however, new features include indications if the produce is organic, suggestions of other produce, estimations of how far the farm is from your general location, reviews, and suggestions of other Events from the same farm in the right rail which can lead to its own Yelp profile page.



The Checkout page is very much a standard one. Be that as it may, the right rail features all the farms your produce is coming from, and reminds you how far it is. Below, there includes suggestions of other produce and from the various farms that are in your Shopping Cart. Speaking of the Cart, I added the new UI element right next to the account portrait in the header.